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AOGO specialises in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions for a wide range of self-service kiosks included of Self-Registration Kiosk, Self-Help Kiosk, Self Check-in Kiosk, Visitor Management System (VMS) Kiosk, Queue Management System (QMS) Kiosk, Payment Kiosk and RFID Kiosk across several industries.

One of AOGO’s strengths is specialising in designing and delivering customised kiosk and OEM solutions that are aesthetically matched with clients’ needs and requirements. AOGO’s proven experience in custom solution design and crew individuals which are professional inside the discipline of custom design & engineering have positioned us as the preferred partner for many of the top technology companies, government agencies, and corporate organization.

With our extensive experience in kiosk solutions, we could create and deliver the kiosk experience your clients want and your business needs.

Digital Kiosk

Digital kiosks are highly noticeable and self-contained. A kiosk can serve as a concierge, gathering point and an information hub.

Self-Help/Check-In Kiosk

Intended for use by passengers with electronic tickets who wish to check-in without waiting to use a standard check-in desk.

Self-Registration Kiosk

Self registration system lowers clients’ waiting time and enable them to complete the process on their own.

Visitor Management Kiosk

Improve how your business monitors visitor movements and engagement by using an interactive visitor management kiosk.

Queue Management Kiosk

Free up staff and reduce your workload by providing customers with self-service queue ticketing.

Payment Kiosk

Payment kiosks allow companies to offer any type of payment method their customers require.

RFID Kiosk

Integrate and incorporate RFID technologies with customer facing self-service kiosks.

Free Custom Kiosk Design!

Custom kiosk design has many advantages, contact us to get your perfect kiosk designs and solutions.

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