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Smart Locker Solution In Malaysia

Smart Locker Solution In Malaysia

Smart Locker Solution In Malaysia

Smart Locker Solution In Malaysia

Singapore Smart Locker solution

Singapore Smart Locker solution

Singapore Smart Locker solution

Smart Day Lockers – 24/7 keyless access

Smart Day Lockers offer secure temporary storage, whilst at the same time providing greater control of your property portfolio. With Smart Day Lockers employees are able to reserve a locker in advance via their mobile device, or on-demand via a touchscreen console.

Smart Mail and Parcel Lockers – 100% accountability

Smart Mail and Parcel Lockers enable today’s mailroom to deal with increasing parcel and secure mail volumes easily, providing a new approach to distribution management. Offering end-to-end accountability, Smart Mail and Parcel Lockers increase convenience for your employees, and save on time and the workload of your mailroom staff.

Smart Asset Management Lockers – Streamline management

Asset Management Lockers can help with better governance of your business inventory including IT assets, hand held devices, tools and stationery. The cloudbased control system offers secure check-in and check-out, allows for easy tracking and reporting.

Smart Locker for Retail – Scan & Collect

Scan & Collect are used to pass items through a locker via a one-time delivery code and one-time pickup code. When the items are deposited, the pickup code will be sent to the user (via email or text message) to open the relevant locker for collection of items.

Access and Payment Methods

Electronic lockers:
• Notes and coins in any currency
• Credit card
• RFID and barcode for cashless environments
• Biometric (fingerprint, palm scan)
• Membership and staff cards and tokens – RFID, mag stripe or barcode

Manual lockers:
• Coin or token accept
• Coin or token return
• Coin op combination lock
• RFID with battery or mains power

Customised Locker Solutions

specialise in customising our locker design and software to suit any purpose.
Examples of customised solutions:
• Integration to staff and employment databases to track use / mis-use of lockers by staff
• Integration to various entrance and ticketing systems in cashless RFID theme and water parks
• Integration with member and student cards in venues such as libraries, universities and sports centres



Intelligent Smart Locker

One Stop Locker Solution & Service

Locker solutions for every business need

malaysia smart locker vendor

Hardware Integrations

Support Wide Range Of Hardware Integrations

Printer, Barcode, Webcam, Face Recognition, etc

malaysia smart locker solutions

Our Smart Locker

Fully computerised self-service lockers suitable for offices, commercial buildings, shopping malls, theme parks, transportation hub and more.
• New process & effciency
• Improved flexibility and usage
• Greater security and governance
• End-to-end user visibility and management
• 24hr access with different security options
• Reporting and accountability tracking

malaysia smart locker vendor

Electric Control Lock

A way to replace keys or to add additional automation features, like remote locking or unlocking.
malaysia smart locker vendor

Support Customization

Special services to customize your locker to best suit your organizations needs.
malaysia smart locker solution

Multi Colors

We offer both standard and custom colors in exceptionally durable, attractive, and eco-friendly powder coat finishes.
malaysia smart locker solution


Smart locker is an emerging trend. A versatile cabinet can provide optimal convenience for us.
custom built smart locker in malaysia singapore

Modular Design

The modular design enables lockers to flex according to different layout requirement.
custom built smart locker in malaysia singapore

Real Time Monitoring

Smart Lockers from Real Time Networks allow users to secure, track and control access.
custom built smart locker in malaysia singapore

System Stability

Provide locker system with greater dimensional stability and flatness.
custom built smart locker in malaysia singapore

Free Smart Locker Consultation!

Click here to get your custom smart locker solution from us.
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Singapore smart locker vendor
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