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Visitor Management System Malaysia

Visitor Management System Malaysia

Visitor Management System Malaysia

Visitor Management System Malaysia

What Is a Visitor Management System

Visitor management system is a technology that tracks visitors entering your office. These visitors can be your client, courier, interviewee, contractor, consultant, or maybe the cousin of your CEO’s grandma. The point is, anyone who is not a full-time employee is a visitor.

This system replaces the conventional visitor record with a medium that is more accessible. It gives you access to monitor the visitor that enters your buildings, campuses, or other facilities. It is possible because the visitors have to log-in and use ID badges if they wish to enter certain places so the management can keep an eye of them.

The Benefits of Visitor Management System

The replacement of the traditional visitor management method with the technology presents new benefits. In general, a visitor management system increases organization’s productivity and efficiency. Here is why:

Visitor Management System

Support your front desk staff to deliver a more personalised customer service

Running on cloud 24/7
Visitor Management System in Malaysia

Hardware Integrations

Support Wide Range Of Hardware Integrations

Printer, Barcode, Webcam, Face Recognition, etc

Visitor Management System in Malaysia

Visitor Management Solution

Transform your front desk with our VMS. Replace your old visitor book with our safe, secure and modern workplace management solution.

• Proper Identification & Tracking of Visitors
• Fast Capture of Visitor Information
• Real Time Visitor Tabulation
• Easy Retrieval of Visitor Records
• Reduces Visitor Processing Time

Visitor Management System in Malaysia


Our VMS preregistration process allows users to email their guests ahead of their visit. These emails can include dates, times, directions, parking information and other details that help visitors get to their meetings quickly.
johor vms

Self Check-In

Guests can complete self-registration process by using a tablet kiosk or smartphone as they enter the building.
These visitor-facing interfaces can be customized with company logos or special instructions.
johor vms

Gain Business Efficiency

Increase efficiency at your front desk by going paperless and streamlining the visitor registration process through automation. AOGO VMS is seamless, intuitive and easy to use.
johor vms

See Accurate Instant Data

Our VMS gives you an accurate picture of who is on site or in the building, with a real-time visitor dashboard and ability to view historical reports.
johor vms

Photo Capture

Capture visitor photo while doing registration. Photo will be showed when visitor signs in.
johor vms

Badge Printing

Automatically print badges when visitors sign in. Even create custom badges.
johor vms

Customizable Sign-In

Create multiple sign-in flows that ask different questions based on the purpose of the guest’s visit.
johor vms

Wanna build your own custom VMS?

Click here to get a free vms consultation.
Share with us your custom vms ideas.
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